Scout Proposed As Eclipse Project


Scout has been proposed as an open source Eclipse project in two parts: the Scout framework and the Scout Software Development Kit (SDK). Both are fully compliant Eclipse plugin sets, and all Scout applications will be pure OSGi based Java/J2EE projects.

The Scout framework aims to reduce development time for fully Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) and J2EE compliant solutions in areas such as Client Server Communication; data binding; and integration of existing applications. It provides a reference implementation using the HTTP(S) protocol; an application model for defining business applications; and utilities to aid business application development.

The Scout SDK generates Java code to support the Scout framework, and provides the tooling to build and manage applications on top of the Scout runtime layer. It features wizard support for managing the Java/J2EE-based Scout application model, and real time synchronisation of the application model and the generated Java application code.

The proposal envisions the Scout application model becoming an extension of the e4 workbench model and including the UI component layer. Several concepts from the next generation Eclipse platform already feature in the Scout framework, for example a fully OSGi service oriented architecture.

Scout is aiming to be included as a formal part of the Eclipse release train in 2011.

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