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Scala SBT Moves to Scala 2.9.1

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, bug fixes for Selenium 2.7.0, and updates for SQL+Java tool.

Scala Build Tool Moves to 2.9.1

Version 0.11.0 of the Scala build tool, Simple Build Tool, has been released. This update moves to Scala 2.9.1 for project definitions and plugins, while dropping support for version 2.7. Support for using native libraries in run and test has also been added, and all undefined settings are now displayed at once, whereas previously only the first one was displayed.


New Media Player for Java Web Toolkit

Version 3.1.11 of the JWt Java web toolkit, has been announced. JWt is a Java library for developing web apps, that provides any necessary HTML/XHTML, Javascript, SVG/VML/Canvas, Ajax, or CGI code, and develops against a Java API. Applications developed using JWt, can be deployed in a standard Java Servlet container.

This release adds a new ‘WMediaPlayer’ media player widget that provides a uniform look across different technologies through a UI that can either be a Wt widget, or HTML. A new WLink class has also been added, which unifies different Wt link types in a single value class. More information on this update, is available at the Release Notes. In upcoming releases, the JWt team plan to add new modules, including authentication (Wt::Auth), mail client (Wt::Mail), and Json parsing (Wt::Json).


Bug Fixes for Selenium Web App Testing System

A new release of the Selenium web application testing system, has been made available. Selenium 2.7.0 includes bug fixes for testing in the cloud, such as fixes for Firefox, Opera and Chrome. A full list of the bug fixes, is available at the Changelog. Selenium’s goal is to automate web browsers across multiple platforms. Once testing is complete, SauceLabs will move to 2.7.0 as the default versions for all their customers.


Updates for SQL+Java jOOQ

Version 1.6.7 of jOOQ (Java Object Oriented Querying) has been released. jOOQ supports standard SQL language features, such as nested SELECTs, joins and UNION’s; and implements an active record pattern. jOOQ also allows users to write compile-time typesafe querying, using a built-in API. Version 1.6.7 includes a Maven plugin for source code generation, implements MetaDataFieldProvider.toString(), and adds a Query.getBindValues() method, that allows users to extract bind values in the correct order.


New Draft for OSGi Residential 4.3 Spec

The OSGi Alliance have released a draft of the Residential 4.3 specification for download. The draft specification is made available under the OSGi Distribution and Feedback License.

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