Finally, Scala IDE is enterprise ready

Scala IDE V2.0 for Eclipse released

Chris Mayer

New version sees huge shift from initial code base, promising much improved performance and responsiveness

After nine months of hard grafting, the Scala IDE team are proud to announce that their second major release of the Scala plugin for the Eclipse environment is now complete and readily available.

Back in April, Scala Solutions’ Iulian Dragos hinted that there would be widesale changes this time round and it appears that lessons have been learnt from the initial release, which courted some vigourous criticism. Through intensive work and contributions from the Scala community and users, we’re finally at a stage to see a fully functioning set of Scala tools for the Eclipse IDE – which can only be a good thing for both parties.

What is interesting about this release is that Typesafe have actively pursued a stake in development, with Martin Odersky leading the redesign of the Scala presentation compiler, the engine behind the IDE semantic actions. Since March’s first beta, there have been 12 more (showing how dedicated the community are to getting it right this time) before this production ready version.

The team listened avidly to user feedback; most demanding faster compilation, better debugging and better integration with established Java tools like Maven and the team have made tough decision in hope of appeasing most.

So what is new within Scala IDE V2.0 for Eclipse? At a glance the following features certainly increase productivity:

  • Errors reported as you type thus reducing the number of times needed to build.
  • Project builder with dependency tracking – the Sbt engine tracks dependencies between source files therefore only builds the sources that need to be built, leaving irrelevant builds behind.
  • Definition hyperlinking – Simply Ctrl-click on an identifier to navigate to its definition, meaning you don’t have to remember in what source file a definition lies in. Quite nifty.
  • Code Completion - Hit Ctrl-space to see a list of all members you could invoke at a certain point in your program
  • Inferred type hovers - Hover with the mouse over an identifier to see its type. This comes in handy when the compiler infers a different type than what you expect.

There’s far more features profiled on the redesigned Scala IDE website but the team are already looking to the future – seeing this as the start of a new beginning and promising important bug fixes soon. This is the last version that will support the 2.8 compiler, as the team look forward to developing 2.1.

You can find Scala IDE for Eclipse at Github too, which already houses some interesting forks. As you can already imagine, the Eclipse environment is thriving with this latest revamped Scala plugin.

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