Slick gets oiled up

Scala database library Slick gets first major release

Chris Mayer

Typesafe’s latest addition to the stack hits “an important milestone”

Typesafe have announced that Slick, the database query and access library for Scala, has reached its first production-ready release.

Slick (Scala Language-Integrated Connection Kit) gives Scala developers full database control and the ability to write database queries in Scala rather than a native querying language like SQL. It was originally introduced in a beta form back in August, just as Typesafe announced the closing of a $14m funding round.

Slick tech lead Stefan Ziegler believes the release is “an important milestone” for the project and the wider Scala ecosystem. So important, in fact, they even made a cake for the event.


As well as making Slick compatible with Scala 2.10, the team have made the library more accessible with improved documentation and the deprecation of obsolete APIs. 

The biggest new feature of the 1.0 release is Slick TestKit, which houses most of Slick’s unit tests, allowing developers to reuse them when writing their own database drivers. Other additions to Slick include auto-generated keys and additional drivers for Oracle and DB2 databases in Typesafe’s commercial package, Slick Extensions.

For all that’s new and noteworthy and to learn about Slick, check out the relevant documentation. You can download it here.

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