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Scala and Scala IDE for Eclipse 2.8.0 Final!

Jessica Thornsby

Plus, first beta for Clojure 1.2 and Groovy++ v0.2.14.

Scala 2.8.0 Goes Final!

Scala 2.8.0 Final is out now!

The Scala 2.8.0 codebase features a redesigned collection library, and a new scheme of handling arrays. Scala 2.8.0 adds specialised type parameters, and named and default arguments. The type inference has been extended to deal with type constructors and the implicit resolution process can now determine type variables.

Scala IDE for Eclipse Goes Final!

Hot on the heels of Scala 2.8.0 Final, the Scala IDE for Eclipse team have released their version 2.8.0 Final.

This IDE supports mixed Scala/Java projects and the Scala editor features syntax highlighting and inferred type hovers, and project and source navigation. The Scala IDE for Eclipse requires Java Developer Toolkit 1.6 and Eclipse Classic 3.5.2.

First Beta of Clojure 1.2

Clojure 1.2 Beta 1 is now available.

The sequence library has new functionality, including ‘group-by,’ ‘keep-indexed’ and ‘partition-all.’ The associative literals and their constructor functions hash-map and hash-set now prevent duplicate keys, and ‘vector-of’ creates a vector of unboxed Java primitives, which follows the contract of Clojure vectors. More information is available at the ‘Changes‘ files.

Grails-Geb-Spock Plugin

A new plugin that adds functional web testing to Grails via the Geb/Spock library is available now from github.

Bring BIRT to your Eclipse Installation

The Actuate BIRT Designer Professional is now available as an Eclipse plugin, allowing developers to use Actuate BIRT Designer Professional from within their Eclipse installation. Interested parties can register now for more information on adding BIRT functionality to Eclipse.

Groovy++ v0.2.14 Released

Groovy++ v0.2.14 is now available for download.

Groovy++ is a statically typed extension of the Groovy programming language, which adds new functionality to standard Groovy, including tail recursion and compile time checking of code.

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