Some new Scala tidbits to savour

Scala 2.10 Milestone 2 arrives

Chris Mayer

With anticipation reaching new levels, the Scala team release a further milestone to allow keen Scala fans to test out some of the new features before the main release

Scala’s charm offensive this year may have irked some, but the fact is that it is becoming one of the most talked about languages in its own right – acquiring new fans and ‘haters’ in equal measure. We’re on the side of the former thinking that whilst it may not be accessible at first to newcomers, by giving it enough time its benefits shine through.

The plans laid out by the Scala team in 2012 show how much there is to be done to gain acceptance. With focus mostly on next month’s first milestone of the next IDE, Helium, we’re glad to see the language itself is progressing too with the appearance of Scala 2.10.0 Milestone 2, bringing in a fair few features and improvements such as:

    • Support for implementing a parallel collection using a concurrent collection. You should now be able to implement a combiner using a concurrent (thread-safe) collection
    • Ctries added to the standard library. Implement parallel ctries using the above mechanism
    • Execution contexts on parallel collections, to enable customizing a thread pool, number of threads
    • New futures and promises library added to scala.concurrent (joint work with the Akka team)
    • Numerous improvements to reification
    • Virtual pattern matcher improvements
    • A significantly faster optimizer
  • Improvements to RedBlack tree
    • Fixes to specialization (AnyRef, interaction of final and @inline)

This version isn’t intended to be used in a production environment, but merely to offer a glimpse into what Scala 2.10 can do, showcasing why so many people are shifting over to it. Watch this space for Milestone 3.


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