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Sauce Labs test the enterprise water with Sauce Team platform

Chris Mayer

The browser testing specialists have enterprise environments in their sights with their newest management console

Cross-browser testers Sauce Labs are celebrating the closing of $5m funding round with the release of a new enterprise test management platform.

Sauce Team represents the beginning of a big push for enterprise customers for the company which made its name in web application testing and through support of browser automator Selenium.

The new management console is primarily targeted larger enterprise users, who want to stick to agile principles and speed up their debugging process at the same time. Sauce Team contains numerous dashboards and reporting tools, as well as the option to collaborate with groups and share test results with videos and snapshots of problems. The platform also integrates with all the leading continuous integration frameworks, which recognises the importance of automation within the entire testing process.

The past 12 months have seen Sauce Labs notch up plenty of milestones. More than 50 million tests have been run in the Sauce cloud since launch, with the company hitting hitting six million in June alone. The platform itself has some impressive users too, with Dropbox, Eventbrite, Mozilla and Salesforce (also an investor) all using it in production.

During this time, Sauce Labs has expanded this to include testing for iOS and Android apps with open source testing tool Appium, as well as support for testing mobile web apps and Mac OS X. Through these additions, Sauce Labs say companies can test their mobile apps for cross-browser compatibility using the same desktop test scripts.

“We’re seeing an explosion in the demand for automated testing solutions that can ensure an exceptional end-user experience while also safeguarding web and mobile revenue for the enterprise,” said John Dunham, CEO and cofounder of Sauce Labs.

With the app-testing space becoming increasingly crowded, the arrival of enterprise-level features could prove to be a savvy move from Sauce Labs, proving it’s a fit for everyone. The newest round of funding will predominately go towards the company’s expansion, but Dunham disclosed to TechCrunch that there were plans to implement “the use of physical devices with mobile simulator capabilities” by the year’s end.

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