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Sauce TV

Sauce Labs Launch Cloud-based Cross-Browser Testing Service

Jessica Thornsby

Sauce Labs roll out Selenium-based Sauce TV remote desktop player.

Sauce Labs are planning to roll out their Selenium-based Sauce TV remote desktop player to customers of its Sauce OnDemand cross-browser testing service, later this week. This will provide developers with a live view of tests running on Sauce Labs’ cloud machines, and allow them to share testing videos with other team members. The live view, means that developers will not be required to wait until the end to discover issues, which should result in faster debugging cycles.

“Developers are used to seeing tests running locally, but lose that visibility when testing moves to the cloud. Sauce TV changes the game for cloud-based testing and brings that visibility and functionality back into the hands of the developer,” said Jason Huggins, creator of Selenium and co-founder of Sauce Labs.



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