New Eclipse Project

Sapphire Proposed as New Eclipse UI Project

Jessica Thornsby

Sapphire aims to accelerate UI development and raise UI writing to a higher level of abstraction.

Sapphire has been proposed as a new Eclipse project under the Technology Container Project.

Sapphire aims to raise UI writing to a higher level of abstraction and accelerate UI development by providing a declarative UI framework with a renderer for SWT, with the possibility of extending this to other widget toolkits. It will also deliver a domain-specific modeling framework and developer tools, documentation and samples.

Oracle will contribute the initial codebase to the Sapphire project. That codebase includes the modeling framework, with support for value, element and list Properties; a system for binding models to XML/DOM, which targets form-based editors on top of XML files that have live bi-directional updates between the form view and the source view. A UI framework with an XML-based UI definition parser and a UI renderer for SWT, will also be included in the initial codebase. Konstantin Komissarchi and Ling Hao – both of Oracle – are proposed as initial committers to the project.

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