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SAP to Pay Oracle $1.3 Billion and WTP Adaptor for Jetty

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, beta for StackVM-based Browserling and FuzzyTable released.

Beta For Browserling

A beta of Browserling has been announced. This cross-browser testing tool runs inside your browser and is built on top of StackVM. It supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and versions 5.5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 of Internet Explorer. This is a ‘freemium’ product, meaning registered users get five minutes for free as many times as they wish (although when your five minutes are up, you go straight to the back of the queue of users waiting to try Browserling.)

SAP Ordered to Cough up $1.3 Billion

SAP have been ordered to pay Oracle $1.3 billion for copyright infringement. The trial concerned the TomorrowNow discontinued business unit, which provided software maintenance and support to Oracle customers, and downloaded Oracle software and documents, reportedly infringing on 120 copyrights. SAP has admitted liability for TomorrowNow’s infringement. Oracle Co-President Safra Catz said of the outcome, “this is the largest amount ever awarded for software piracy.” SAP have hinted they plan to pursue post-trial motions and appeal, if necessary.

WTP Jetty Adapter Released

A native WTP adaptor for Jetty has been announced, allowing users to leverage Eclipse and WTP to develop web applications. The adapter consists of three plugins, a central one containing pieces of the functionality, GUI components for integrating with the Eclipse UI, and GUI components that provide a wizard for generating a Jetty WebSocket.

Fuzzy Matching with FuzzyTable

FuzzyTable is a new parallel fuzzy-matching database built over Hadoop. FuzzyTable can use any matching algorithm to compare two items and return a similarity score. It consists of a clustering process used to reduce the total search space for each query, and a client-server system for performing fuzzy matching in parallel across a Hadoop instance.

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