SAP Joins Apple and IBM

SAP Join OpenJDK

Jessica Thornsby

SAP have signed the Oracle Contributor Agreement for OpenJDK.

Software company SAP have joined the OpenJDK project. SAP have already signed the Oracle Contributor Agreement, meaning that with immediate effect, the SAP JVM developers can contribute patches and enhancements to OpenJDK, and can join the discussions on the various OpenJDK mailing lists.

“I’m sure this move will be fruitful and beneficial for both, the OpenJDK community as well as SAP,” said Volker Simonis, on behalf of the SAP JVM team.

SAP has previously ported the original JDK to the 14 SAP supported platforms, including the Linux, Windows and Solaris platforms.

Forrester’s John Rymer sees this as an essential move for SAP: “It strikes me that SAP had to join OpenJDK to support its Java work. SAP has some people doing deep Java development. Better to be involved in OpenJDK than not. I’ve heard nothing to indicate the relationship is anything but amicable and devoid of ‘vendor drama.'”

The news has received an overall positive response on Twitter, although Stephen Colebourne, who previously published a series of blog posts criticising Oracle’s handling of Java, and the JCP, took a more measured stance, tweeting:

“Oracle’s approach v.different to Sun, upsides as well as downsides.”

SAP joins IBM, who joined OpenJDK in October, and Apple, who joined the project in November.

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