One more strike and you're gone!

Samsung, AT&T and SK Telecom haven’t been taking their EC membership seriously…


Members of the Executive Committee still haven’t been attending the JSR meetings, this means they lose the right to vote and a revoke of membership could occur.

Earlier this month we discussed the reformation of the Java Community Process (JCP), where chairman, Patrick Curran, was in charge of improving the transparency and agility of the JCP. Following that article it has now come to light that AT&T, Samsung and SK Telecom have all lost their Executive Committee voting rights for not fulfilling their obligations as members. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Perhaps they didn’t get the memo.

JSR 348 was the first in a series of reforms which introduced important changes in regards to how the Expert Groups (EG) and Executive Committees (EC) conducted their business in public by using as the main infrastructure. The more salient part of JSR 348 was the requirement to improve communication as well as the requirement for Executive Committee Members to attend at least one JSR meeting with full documentation for said meeting. Failure to do so would invoke penalties; this seemed like a great idea of how to increase participation with the JSR decision making procedure

So, if you miss two consecutive meetings, you lose your voting rights (along with your right to make or second a motion). If you miss five consecutive meetings, or if you miss 2/3 of all the meetings that take place in any 12-month period (EC meetings typically occur on a monthly basis), you are booted off the Executive Committee entirely (regardless of how major you are in the marketplace, or how famous you may be as an individual). To regain your privileges before you’re asked to leave the EC, the member then has to attend two consecutive upcoming meetings. We wonder whether or not AT&T, Samsung and SK Telecom will attend the next meetings…

If these companies want to regain their voice and voting rights they’ll have to start taking the EC membership seriously, let’s hope that they do. JCP members voted AT&T, Samsung and SK Telecom into the EC seats for a reason…they obviously have some potential to be fitting members especially as there are so many other individuals/groups who would kill to be in their position. 

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