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Samsung Agree to Pay Microsoft Android Royalties

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, new JavaFX+Scala UI and NatTable 2.3.0 is final.

Samsung Agree to Pay Microsoft Android Royalties

According to a report by Richard Edmonds, Samsung have signed a cross-licensing agreement with Microsoft, that entitles Microsoft to royalty revenue whenever Samsung sell an Android smartphone or tablet. Microsoft already have a patent licensing deal with HTC in place, something that Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith has drawn attention to:

“Together with the license agreement signed last year with HTC, today’s agreement with Samsung means that the top two Android handset manufacturers in the United States have now acquired licenses to Microsoft’s patent portfolio. These two companies together accounted for more than half of all Android phones sold in the U.S. over the past year.”


NatTable SWT Widget is Final

NatTable 2.3.0 is final! NatTable is a SWT table/grid widget, designed to handle dynamic styling, large data sets, and real-time updates. In NatTable 2.3.0, callbacks have optional access to the LayerCell and IConfigRegistry, allowing them to access configuration labels, or lookup arbitrary configuration items. Additional context for cell callbacks is also achieved by adding LayerCell and IConfigRegistry parameters to IdisplayConverter, IeditableRule, IBlinkingCellResolver and IdataValidator’s methods.


New JavaFX+Scala UI

ScalaFX is a new UI that sits on top of JavaFX 2.0, and is written within Scala. Applications written with ScalaFX are also valid Scala applications, which means it is interoperable with Java and can run anywhere that supports the JVM and JavaFX version 2.0. The ScalaFX object declaration syntax uses the normal object API, unlike the builders in the core JavaFX APIs, allowing the developer to use the same operators and syntax to create and modify a scene graph. ScalaFX also has a similar syntax to JavaFX Script, for creating animations. More information on this project, is available from Google Code.

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