Cloud Computing

Ryan Rogers Predicts Porting Problems

Jessica Thornsby

“Cloud computing is a compelling proposition, but it is not the solution to all of the longstanding issues in IT,” writes Ryan Rogers.

The “longstanding issue” he focuses on his blog post, is portability. In fact, he foresees portability becoming an even bigger problem in the software industry, as cloud computing becomes more popular. If an application cannot port, and the organisation cancels their cloud subscription, then that application is effectively lost. He also predicts that cloud vendors will exacerbate this problem, by striving to introduce new, unique features, in an effort to differentiate themselves from the competition.

So, we have a vision of incompatible cloud platforms, and applications that are too platform-dependent, but Rogers does offer some guidance. He suggests keeping platform-dependent code in a separate module. Then, if the application needs to be ported to a new cloud, only one module should require altering.

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