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Weekly round-up: Java 12 syntax in Java 8, R language, Golang & more

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Every Monday, we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week we learned about Jabel, which lets developers write Java 12+ syntax in Java 8, got some insights into the current R language trends, a new version of Golang and much more. Let’s take a look.

Jabel: All the syntax of Java 12, targeted to Java 8

Last week we discovered a really interesting project: Jabel. Not everyone migrates to the latest Java release right away. In fact, Java 8 is still dominating, especially in the enterprise and in open source libraries. So, what do you do when you want to use Java 12+ syntax, but all of your users are stuck in the past using Java 8? This Javac 12 hack allows you to target Java 8, but use Java 12+ syntax.

Read all about Jabel here.

How microservices are transforming app development

We also welcomed guest author Vinati Kamani to talk about the benefits of microservices architecture in app development. She shared her tips on using microservices to successfully increase team flexibility and speed, and develop better mobile apps.

Read the full article about microservices app development here.

R Language Trends in 2019 – what to look out for

R language enthusiast Jesse Casman, who collected information from speakers of the UseR! 2019 conference in France, took the pulse of the R community and looked at what trends are the ones to look out for in the coming months, and offered insights into some really interesting and exciting projects.

Read all about R language trends here.

Golang 1.13: Error wrapping, improved performance, new default proxy

We also got some Golang news last week – Version 1.13 of Golang arrived, with new language changes in tow and some performance improvements. This time around, changes include a more uniform and modernized set of number literal prefixes, improved modules support, error wrapping, TLS 1.3 on by default, and a few more tweaks.

Read more about Golang version 1.13 here.

Tutorial: Getting started with Apache Cassandra

For a change of pace, we featured an Apache Cassandra tutorial. In it, Scott Hendrickson, Cloud Architect Team Lead, at DataStax shows how to get started using Apache Cassandra. Find out how to create a service for a video recommendation application as a starting point for learning more about how Apache Cassandra works.

Read the full Apache Cassandra tutorial here.

But that’s not all

Last week was so full of interesting news and great content, here’s a few more highlights for you:

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