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RHQ 3.0.0.Final and Gaelyk 0.4.1 Released

Jessica Thornsby

The Sculptor productivity tool reaches version 1.9.0 and Mozilla release a new alpha of the Mozilla Public License.

Get Productive with Sculptor

Version 1.9.0 of the Sculptor open source productivity tool, is out now.

With this release, Sculptor supports MongoDB, Event-Driven Architecture and non-persistent ValueObject in GUI. Version 1.9.0 also contains generated documentation and DSL language syntax, and comes with a new Maven plugin fornax-graphviz-m2-plugin for generating images (.png) from the .dot files.

RHQ 3.0.0 Goes Final

Version 3.0.0 final of the RHQ systems management suite, is out now.

This version features pluggable alert notification senders, and introduces support for Oracle 11g and authorisation via LDAP groups. It is also now possible to do alerting on Call Time data, and there is a list of bug fixes.

New Beta for TorqueBox

TorqueBox 1.0.0.Beta20 is available.

TorqueBox is a Ruby application platform that includes support for Job Scheduling, Task Queues, SOAP Handling, and Telephony. It is built on the JBoss AS Java application sever.

This release updates to JRuby1.5.1 and Rails 2.3.8. The pooling configuration for scheduled jobs is now enabled, and GemCutter has been added to the default gem sources in TorqueBox.

Gaelyk 0.4.1

Gaelyk version 0.4.1 is out now.

Gaelyk is a Groovy toolkit for Google App Engine Java. This version updates to GAE SDK 1.3.5 and Groovy 1.7.3, and updates the localMode binding variable implementation to use the new underlying environment information. There are some new variables in the binding, and experimental Memcache caching support for groovlet and template output.

New Version of Mozilla Public License

The Mozilla team have announced the release of Mozilla Public License Alpha1.

The text of the Alpha is available online (pdf.) “We should stress that while this draft includes a substantial number of changes, it is not feature complete- we continue to consider significant revisions to some areas of the text, like patents and compatibility with other licenses. It is also not something that should be used to release software under- please wait until the final release for that!” warns the announcement.

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