Remus Information Management Submitted As Eclipse Project


The Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) based application Remus Information Management has been submitted as a proposed Eclipse project under the Technology parent project.

Remus aims to provide a rich interface to create, edit and view single information units with a type-specific information representation. It proposes to provide a viewing-optimised representation of data by giving the user the option of browsing information through either a hierarchical or semantical structure. Each information unit can also be opened in a separate editor, linked with each other and have events attached. Events are visualised in a separate view. Remus utilises Apache’s Lucene Technology to create a searchable index of all such information units.

Often-used Remus operations will be accessible from a customisable desktop-panel, and it uses a rule engine that allows relevant information to be copy/pasted into another application or remote information pool. Adding, removing and viewing items can be done with your local Remus client, which means synchronised data is available offline.

The current development stage already integrates BIRT Runtime and BIRT Designer, and is licensed under the Eclipse Public License. It is available either as a stand-alone RCP application or as a set of bundles which can be installed into another Eclipse instance.

The first official Remus release is scheduled for the first quarter of 2010.

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