Reddit Drop memcacheDB for Cassandra

Jessica Thornsby

Social news website Reddit have revealed that they are now running with their persistent cache backed by Cassandra, after encountering problems with their persistent cache, memcacheDB.

News of the switch comes after Digg announced it had moved from MySQL to NoSQL.

In a blog post, Reddit’s David Ketralnis praises the “seamless” migration – which took only ten days – and the “palpable” load-impact on the Reddit servers. Also getting the thumbs-up from the Reddit team, are Cassandra’s ability to add nodes as load and storage requires, and the ability to move non-cache type data.

Reddit’s decision to go with Cassandra, is neatly summed up in the blog post: “in case you are wondering why we chose Cassandra: it is way faster, more scalable, and has a rich and active development community full of extremely smart and helpful people.”

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