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Red Hat’s Ceylon gets community hub and pre-release IDE to boot

Chris Mayer

Some experts have dubbed the project a Java killer

Eagerly anticpated by some unwanted by others, Red Hat’s Ceylon has courted controversy since the concept’s inception earlier in the year. Well, this week saw them reveal a sleek public face (everyone seems to be picking elephants these days) for their website ahead of the first milestone.

For those not in the know, Ceylon is Red Hat’s attempt at creating a next-generation language and SDK for the JVM, tailored for teams working on large scale projects. Ceylon don’t mask their Java love and influences and claim that:

Ceylon is a general-purpose, imperative, statically-typed, block-structured, object-oriented, higher-order language featuring a syntax similar to Java and C#, and a type system based on the notion of principal types.

The language is elegant, highly readable, extremely typesafe, and makes it easy to get things done.

Part of the huge bundle of announcements included the pre-release Ceylon IDE for Eclipse for those incredibly eager early birds to test out before the first milestone, which still doesn’t have a date for arrival due to bugs in the system.  Milestone 1 will include, according to creator Gavin King of Hibernate fame, most of the groundwork such as 

Expressions, basic procedural code, basic object orientation, basic generics including variance, validation of definite assignment/initialization and definite return, exceptions.

It’d be fair to say Ceylon has split a lot of the community. Some questioning its worth when Scala is already available, but it should be interesting to keep an eye on any further development that could sway opinion. Watch this already crowded Java space

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