Red Hat Release Statement on Oracle Acquisition


Craig Muzilla, Vice President of Middleware at Red Hat has released a statement congratulating Oracle on their impeding acquisition of Sun Microsystems, and urging them to take this opportunity to transform the JCP into a more open and inclusive governing body.

Red Hat has played a role in the Java Community Process for many years, and supported the inclusion of the JSR 299: Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE, and JSR 303: Bean Validation specifications for Enterprise Edition 6 (Java EE 6).

In the statement, Muzilla criticises Sun for not making the JCP open-source “enough” and for pursuing its own commercial interests, and applauds Oracle for, in the past, recommending that Sun should transform the JCP into a more inclusive and open governing body.

During an Executive Committee Meeting of the JCP, Oracle argued that “It is the sense of the [JCP] Executive Committee that the JCP become an open, independent vendor-neutral Standards Organization where all members participate on a level playing field….”

Muzilla and Red Hat now urge Oracle to stick to their original vision of an independent governance process for the JCP, and not let their new commerical interests cloud their judgement. This, to Red Hat’s way of thinking, is crucial to the future success of Java.

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