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Red Hat launches JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6

Chris Mayer

Red Hat have yet again made a cloud announcement – this time letting JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 go GA

Red Hat have yet again made a cloud announcement – this time unveiling JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6, with a clear goal to give developers a helping hand when entering the cloud with flexible middleware to suit the architecture for you.

The release represents nearly two years work towards the sixth iteration of what Director Product Management at Red Hat, Rick Sharples calls the ‘most ambitious JBoss release ever’, certainly from an enterprise standpoint. It would have to be with Red Hat’s product line getting a jolt in recent weeks. As expected, JBoss EAP will integrate into some of the latest gems to emerge from Red Hat’s portfolio – such as the PaaS option OpenShift and do-it-yourself IaaS CloudForms. With the former, EAP 6 acts as the run-time engine that drives Java workloads for OpenShift

EAP 6’s crowning glory appears to be the architecture itself, updated to deal so it can be deployed on-premise, private and public clouds. It’s also making big noises about being flexible, lightweight and pluggable, with its modular set of services.

Support for Java EE 6 comes as standard, whilst EAP 6 also backs a wide range of JVM-based frameworks, such as Spring, Struts and Google Web Toolkit. Sharples added in a live webcast that Red Hat’s intention was never to leave Java behind. He said “Java is very much not dying…the growth of java is still outstripping many, many other languages.”

There’s also world class tool support for some JBoss stablemates, components like Hibernate, HornetQ, and Infinispan, as well as a focus on up and coming community initiatives such as testing suit Arquillian. It’s not all in-house however with support for Maven, Hudson and other open source tools to further enhance developer productivity when using EAP 6.

It’s no wonder the JBoss community are calling this the next-gen platform, with EAP 6 tailored for multi-core and virtualised environments, as is the norm these days. There’s also a defined focus on mobile as well as cloud, with EAP 6 becoming a multi-talented behemoth.

Mark Little, who leads JBoss’s technical direction, spoke with glee on his blog at the announcement:

I knew how important this new version would be. We had EE6 in its final stages of ratification in the JCP, with core capabilities such as CDI and Bean Validation that we had lead; there were new projects that were related to that effort in the JBoss world and new people in various positions (not just me) to lead this. But if history had told me anything, it was that it wouldn’t be an easy ride; we’ve have ups and downs, highs and lows over the years and it’s inevitable that things won’t always go according to plan with an effort as significant as EAP 6.0. But I felt that the team could produce the world’s best EE6 compliant application server in the community and likewise for our customers.

Craig Muzilla, vice president and general manager of Middleware at Red Hat spoke of the announcement: “Enterprises are always seeking ways to deliver applications faster, and they increasingly view the cloud as the environment in which to do that, as long as they can do so on their own terms. JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 allows enterprises to easily create and manage applications in the cloud, on premise or in a hybrid architecture. It also extends our commitment to rapidly delivering products to market, allowing organizations to better take advantage of and respond to evolving opportunities.”

Jay Lyman, senior analyst, Enterprise Software, 451 Research offered the following view: “The JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 update lives up to its billing as Red Hat’s most ambitious release of the software ever, with capabilities and features in cloud computing, mobile software and big data – all of which are key strategic areas of enterprise deployment.”

Coupled with the mega release is the announcement that JBoss’s NoSQL database offering on Infinispan, JBoss DataGrid 6 is no longer in beta – primed to deal with the evolving world of Big Data within the enterprise. We’re excited to see JBoss EAP 6 in work. JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 is available for download now.

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