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Red Hat becomes strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation

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By upgrading its membership status, Red Hat has committed to a stronger engagement with various Eclipse projects, in addition to entering the Eclipse IoT workgroup.

Until now, Red Hat was an active Solution Member of the Eclipse Foundation and had headed numerous Eclipse projects such as Vert.x, Linux Tools and the JavaScript Development Tools (JSDT). As of this week, Red Hat has increased its involvement to strategic member-level, meaning the software multinational will commit a minimum of eight full-time developers for Eclipse projections. In addition Red Hat will pay a higher annual membership fee of $250,000 (USD).

In return the new strategic member will be granted a seat on the Boards of Directors of the Eclipse Foundation and be allowed to participate directly in policy decision making.

Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation, sees Red Hat’s membership as a major bolster for the Eclipse platform, describing Red Hat as a “well-respected leader in the open source community”.

We believe having Red Hat increase their level of commitment to Eclipse is a great endorsement of the Eclipse tools platform, our IoT technology, and the Eclipse community.

Red Hat is represented on the Board of Directors by Max Rydahl Andersen. When speaking about the efforts of the JBoss Tools group at Red Hat in an interview with Eclipse Magazine, Andersen commented that the team is currently striving to provide better support for JavaScript.

We did fix things at JSDT (JavaScript Development Tools) and made it easier to contribute fixes – but it’s still an uphill battle letting others know that things have now changed and JSDT is open for contribution/changes now more than ever.

Beyond the improvement of JavaScript support, Andersen announced an expanded Docker integration, fixes for GTK / SWT on Linux and a new drive in the IoT and Web IDE workgroups. At an organisational level, Red Hat are also interested in improving the Eclipse IP and development processes.

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With the addition of Red Hat, the number of strategic members in the Eclipse Foundation has increased to 12. At present, the strategic members are comprised of Actuate, CA Technologies, CEA LIST, Codenvy, Google, IBM, Innoopract GmbH, itemis AG, Obeo, Oracle and SAP.

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