Reactive programming

Building high-performance reactive applications with Vert.x

JAXenter Editorial Team
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Tim Fox of Red Hat explains the basics of Vert.x and how it will help bring us into a reactive future.

Vert.x is a lightweight, high performance, reactive application platform for the JVM that’s designed for modern mobile, web, and enterprise applications.

At the JAX 2014, Tim Fox of Red Hat gave a talk on the design principles and motivation behind Vert.x and why we are heading for a reactive future.

In this video tutorial, Tim gives overview including demonstrations of some of the key features of Vert.x including the distributed event bus which extends right into the browser, high availability, and the module system. The talk also demonstrates the platform using examples in Java, JavaScript, Scala, Groovy and Python.

Tim shows how an improved build tool and IDE integration simplify the process of developing applications with Vert.x – including short demonstrations of module auto-redeploy from the IDE and executable “fat jars”.

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