WAR Product Tooling

RAP Application Deployment Made Easy?

Jessica Thornsby

Holger Staudacher has blogged about a forthcoming project he will be working on.

He perceives the deployment of RAP applications, as a thorny issue for developers. RAP applications are built on top of Server-Side Equinox, and Equinox has special requirements for the deployable archive.

His RAP project – called WAR products – looks to provide the tooling needed to simplify the deployment process. Currently, he is planning to make the pre-existing tooling plugable, which would allow him to reuse many RCP tooling components for the WAR product tooling.

“I think RAP is probably the biggest consumer of the Server-Side Equinox technology. With this fact it’s in the interest of the RAP community to have a good concept and tooling for users,” he writes.

Ultimately, he foresees his developers deploying Server-Side Equinox based applications in the same way as normal RCP applications.


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