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RabbitMQ Comes to Cloud Foundry

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Java EE 6 support comes to OpenShift PaaS, and new milestone for Orion.

RabbitMQ Comes to Cloud Foundry

The Cloud Foundry platform has added RabbitMQ as a messaging service. RabbitMQ on Cloud Foundry is a cloud-based message broker, that is used in integrating distinct software systems, by sending and receiving data between systems, which can either be components of the same app, or part of distinct apps.

Cloud Foundry users can use the standard vmc commands to create, bind, unbind, clone, and delete RabbitMQ services, and can implement a full set of cloud messaging patterns. These patterns include routing, to enable message consumers to only subscribe to a subset of the messages, and topics for routing based on a range of criteria. Remote Procedure Call, and work queues that distribute time-consuming tasks among multiple workers, are also supported.

The RabbitMQ service is available as a free public beta on, and is implemented using RabbitMQ server 2.4.


Orion 0.3 M1 Released

The first milestone of Orion 0.3 has been released. This release adds support for find and replace within a file, to the Orion code editor, and the Orion content assist infrastructure now supports linked mode during content assist:



Orion users also get Gravatar integration in the 0.3 M1 release, and the ability to add and remove OpenID accounts in the Orion profile page.


e(fx)clipse 0.0.3 Improves CSS Compatibility

e(fx)clipse 0.0.3 has been announced. This release improves the validation of css styles and the CSS compatibility. e(fx)clipse is a project to bring Eclipse Tooling to JavaFX projects; to find out more, check out our interview with creator Tom Schindl, about this new project.


Java EE 6 Support Comes to OpenShift PaaS

Red Hat have announced that their OpenShift PaaS now supports Java Enterprise Edition 6. This support is based on JBoss Application Server 7 and, according to the announcement, this integration makes OpenShift the first PaaS in the industry to deliver Java EE 6.

“While developers and enterprises have long been interested in the time to market advantages offered by PaaS platforms, the difficulty of migrating existing applications to incompatible frameworks has slowed adoption,” said Stephen O’Grady, principal analyst and co-founder of RedMonk. “With EE6 available by integrating the JBoss application server technology, Red Hat’s OpenShift platform is aimed at allowing enterprises to transition their existing Java EE applications and skills to the cloud with zero friction.”

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