New features for Python in Visual Studio Code

Python in VS Code May 2020 update addresses 42 issues

Maika Möbus
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Microsoft has released the monthly update of its official Python extension for Visual Studio Code. The May 2020 update adds the option to manually browse for a Python interpreter and lets you try out an experimental feature. Several bug fixes are on board as well.

The latest update for the VS Code Python extension has landed. As always, the update was announced in a blog post by Luciana de Melo e Abud, Program Manager of the Python extension in Visual Studio Code, in which she went into detail on the new features.

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In the May 2020 update, 42 issues have been addressed. Let’s take a look.

New and experimental features

The Python extension now includes the option to search for a Python interpreter in the file system. An interpreter can also be set manually, as demonstrated in a gif:

As an upcoming change, the currently used Python interpreter path python.pythonPath, which is stored in the workspace settings, will be deprecated. The reason for this is to prevent sharing the interpreter path and make the interpreter information system agnostic.

Here’s how to opt into the change early before it rolls out to all users: go to View > Command Palette… and run Preferences: Open Settings (JSON) to add the following line to the user settings:

"python.experiments.optInto": ["DeprecatePythonPath - experiment"]

Afterwards, reload the window using View > Command Palette… and run Developer: Reload Window.

The Python extension continues to run with A/B testing, so you may already be part of the experiment. To find out, see the first lines in the Python extension output channel. Microsoft provides the option to opt out of the testing program by setting python.experiments.enabled to false in the user settings.json file.

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Additionally, the May 2020 release updates Jedi to version 0.17 and fixes several bugs. For example, a fix has been added for opening the interactive window when no workspace is open.

For more info, see the blog post and the changelog on GitHub.

Maika Möbus
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