New Python features in VS Code

Python extension for VS Code receives its March 2020 update

Maika Möbus
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Like clockwork, the official Python extension for Microsoft’s source code editor Visual Studio Code has received its monthly update. In the March 2020 release, we can welcome a new debugger, debugpy, which should be easier to attach to local processes. The release also closes 66 issues. Let’s take a closer look.

As usual, the monthly update for the official Visual Studio Code Python extension was announced by Luciana de Melo e Abud on Microsoft’s Python blog.

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Let’s see what new features Microsoft’s source code editor has in store for Python developers.

Meet the new debugger

The Python extension for VS Code now comes with a new debugger, debugpy, which was proudly announced on Twitter:

debugpy is designed to be faster and more reliable, and implements the Debug Adapter Protocol debugProtocol.json. As the above gif on Twitter shows, there is also a new way to attach the debugger to local processes, which could previously prove to be difficult in some cases.

The debugpy wiki includes information on API changes, CLI reference, switching vom ptvsd and more.

Altogether, 66 issues have been closed in the March update, including 43 bug fixes. For example, the notebook editor and the interactive windows now support scrolling beyond the last line, and the auto-completion library Jedi has been updated to v0.16.0.

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Luciana points out that Python extension users may see additional changes that haven’t been mentioned. That’s because the extension developers are constantly A/B testing new functions. It is possible to opt out of the testing program by changing the python.experiments.enabled setting to false in the settings.json file.

The Python extension for Visual Studio Code is available in the Marketplace.

See the release post for further details on the latest update.

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