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Python extension for VS Code has received its February update

Maika Möbus
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The official Python extension for Visual Studio Code is provided with monthly updates by Microsoft. The February 2020 update increases the startup speed of the Jupyter Notebook editor, follows a popular user request, and closes 66 issues. Let’s take a look and see what’s new.

On Microsoft’s Python blog, Luciana de Melo e Abud, Program Manager for the Python extension in Visual Studio Code, announced the February 2020 release of the extension.

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The latest version is available in the VS Code Marketplace and can also be installed directly from the Visual Studio Code extension gallery.

Jupyter Notebook, usability and more

In the February release of Python in VS Code, you should be able to open the Jupyter Notebook editor 2-3x faster. First cell execution speed has improved as well, as the Jupyter server is now accessed automatically when you open a Notebook.

As a requested feature, notification prompts for tools installation have been scaled back. Prompts about missing tools were previously displayed when opening a workspace and not having selected and interpreter:


Source: Microsoft

Now, these notification prompts appear only when an interpreter is selected:

Source: Microsoft

Additionally, several bugs have been fixed in the February update. For example, pytest previously crashed when it was used to discover doctests with unknown line numbers, and the Chinese (Traditional) translation has been updated.

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See the Microsoft blog post or the release notes for further details.

Maika Möbus
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