TIOBE Index for January 2019

Year of the Snake: TIOBE crowns Python as the programming language of 2018!

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Hiss hiss, developers! What programming languages did we fall in love with in 2018? TIOBE knows the score – Python is their programming language of 2018! This language has revitalized itself into a massive part of the modern internet ecosystem.

Another year has come and gone, but what languages have survived? We like to check in regularly with the TIOBE Index to make sure we know what’s what. The TIOBE Programming Community Index charts the popularity of various programming languages, showing what’s still popular among developers.

Here’s the top twenty list for January 2019.


TIOBE Index for January 2019. Source.

Python triumphant

Congratulations are in order for Python, which TIOBE crowned as the programming language of 2018! This strong-typed language has flourished alongside the recent growth of machine learning and data science. In particular, Python managed to gain the most ranking points on TIOBE’s index system, followed by Visual Basic, .NET, and Java.

For nearly two decades, the main programming languages have remained remarkably consistent: C, C++, and Java. Now, Python is edging in to those three front-runners. It’s no surprise why: Python is commonly taught at universities; it’s essential for AI and machine learning; and it’s basically all you need for scripting or writing system tests.

Python’s immense breadth and sustained growth are quintessential reasons why this programming language have earned it the top honors for 2018!

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In other news on the TIOBE Index, some languages have had a very good year indeed! MATLAB has jumped from 18 to 11; Kotlin has risen eight spots to #31, and Julia’s risen a whole ten spots to #37. In particular, TypeScript has made a dramatic improvement, moving from #167 to #49. We’ll see if it can keep that kind of momentum in 2019!

Sadly, as some languages must rise, others fall. This includes languages like Ruby, Erlang, F#, and Alice.

Other happenings on the list are a little less monumental. SQL continues to maintain its position at #9. SQL rejoined the index in February of last year, as it finally became Turing complete. Although it may look like the language has grown a considerable amount, this is just a statistical outlier and not to be counted.

Also, WebAssemnly has finally joined the TIOBE list! Eagle-eyed commenter Andrew Vaz pointed out that WebAssembly also meets all criteria. It’s made its TIOBE index debut at position 192.

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