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Advanced Progressive Web Apps: Push notifications under control

JAXenter Editorial Team

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are used more than ever, as more and more people access the Internet primarily with their smartphones. This session by Christian Liebel from the International JavaScript Conference discusses how to create push notifications for a PWA using the Push API. Make your website feel like a real app using some helpful libraries.

For sure, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are one of the hottest topics on the web today. A PWA should feel like a real app, including the ability to show push notifications. In this talk, Thinktecture’s Christian Liebel (@christianliebel) will show you how to implement push messaging in your PWA or website using the Push API, including a look at helpful libraries and third-party services. As a part of Google’s Project Fugu, push notifications will get even better thanks to the advent of the Badging API and Notification Triggers.


PWAChristian Liebel is a cross-platform development enthusiast thrilled by the opportunities offered by modern web technologies: Christian helps enterprises and independent software vendors to develop modern, cross-platform business applications based on Angular. Being a Microsoft MVP, Google GDE and member of the W3C Web Applications working group, he speaks about Progressive Web Apps at user groups and conferences, both national and international.

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