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Jessica Thornsby

Two new projects from SpringSource celebrate first milestone release!

SpringSource have announced the initial releases of two new projects: Spring Mobile and Spring Android! Spring Mobile is an extension to Spring MVC, which aims to simplify developing cross-platform mobile web applications, and Spring Android is an extension of the Spring Framework, aiming to simplify the development of native Android applications. Both projects have just announced their 1.0.0M1 release.

Spring Mobile 1.0.0 M1 supports server-side device detection. This release uses a HandlerInterceptor to detect the Device from which a current HttpServletRequest originated, injects the detected Device into @Controller methods and views templates to vary logic by device type. Version 1.0.0M1 also uses a HandlerInterceptor to redirect mobile visitors to another URL, and ships with a DeviceResolver implementation that delegates to WURFL for device detection. This can be used to acquire more information about the Device that originated the request, for example manufacturer, model and preferred markup. The post also hints that the team have been experimenting with using CSS 3 media queries with JavaScript to perform client-side detection, suggesting we could see future developments within this area.

Spring Android 1.0.0.M1 features RestTemplate support, providing a REST client to use in native Android applications. For this project, SpringSource opted for using OAuth over Basic Auth, and implemented the sign in process where the client takes users to the server’s website for connection and authorisation. This ensures the client does not see your username and password. For future releases, the team are planning more of the Spring Framework to be supported in an Android environment.

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