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Pushing Java EE outside of the Enterprise – home automation and IoT

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Using practical examples, Oracle’s David Delabassee explains what home automation is all about and how Java EE fits into the IoT space.

Java EE is a rich platform widely used in the Enterprise. In this video talk shot at the JAX London 2014, David Delabassee from Oracle looks at the relevance of Java EE outside of this traditional domain – in other words: how Java EE is also relevant for connected home and more generally for IoT.

Dalabassee shows us the various extension points and technologies available in Java EE to integrate external systems such as using JCA to connect to a KNX Bus, the most widely used protocol in home automation.

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Home Automation is by nature highly event driven so you’ll also learn how Message Driven Bean and CDI can be leveraged in this context. Finally, the talk also looks at additional technologies that are relevant in the IoT space such as JAX-RS and WebSocket.

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