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Puppet 2.7 Moves from GPL to Apache 2.0

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Scala 2.9.0 RC3, and EGit and JGit 0.12 released.

Third RC for Scala 2.9.0

The third release candidate of Scala 2.9.0 has been announced. This preliminary release is intended for testing purposes, ahead of the upcoming stable release. The Scala 2.9 codebase will introduce parallel collections, new App and DelayedInit traits, and support for the @strictfp annotation.

Extended Editing Framework 0.9 Released

After five release candidates Extended Editing Framework (EEF) has reached version 0.9. This framework provides new services dedicated to editing, in an attempt to improve the EMF model creation phase. It also aims to give new transversal editing abilities to EMF users. This release offers a new model for generating Forms Editors from model editor pages, and a new EEF RichText widget for editing text properties in a Rich mode. The compatibility with EMF.edit framework has also been improved.

Final Releases for EGit and JGit Ahead of Indigo

EGit and JGit 0.12 have been released. JGit 0.12 introduced more Git porcelain commands and command options, including AddNoteCommand, ResetCommand and ShowNoteCommand. The JGit command line now supports jgit merge and reset, and jgit log now can show git notes. Meanwhile, in EGit 0.12 conflicts can now be resolved using conflict markers in the file:

These will be the final releases before 1.0 is announced in time for the Eclipse Indigo release.

Register Now for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 Early Access

Red Hat have opened registration to an early access program for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6. The platform will introduce a new architecture and is designed to be deployed within PaaS environments. It will also feature a task-based management framework designed to provide the foundation for large-scale automation for public and private cloud deployments.

“JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 reflects our vision of the future of Java application platforms for both traditional and cloud-based environments,” said Craig Muzilla, Red Hat’s vice president.

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 is slated for release at the beginning of 2012.

Puppet 2.7 Moves from GPL to Apache 2.0

Puppet Labs have announced that, as of Puppet version 2.7, the configuration management tool will move from the GPLv2 licence to the Apache 2.0 licence. Luke Kanies, founder and CEO of Puppet Labs, states that this change has been discussed for the past two years, and the license change will mean that, for some users, it should now be easier to embed, ship and contribute to Puppet. “Some companies are comfortable with the GPL and have no problems including software released under it, but plenty of other companies are dreadfully afraid of the potential for it to force releasing of other code, whether or not that fear is rational,” Luke Kanies says, explaining the license change. “With Apache, these companies can focus on whether Puppet will make their solution better, and not worry about whether they’ll have to make significant business changes in order to use it.”

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