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Progressive React Apps

JAXenter Editorial Team

In Sebastian Springer’s International JavaScript Conference session, he discusses Progressive Web Apps (PWA) with React. Take a look at the steps involved that turn an ordinary browser application into a fully-fledged PWA in this informative presentation.

A Progressive Web App with React isn’t finished just by integrating a Service Worker. That task is completed automatically for you on the initialization of the project. However, the actual work begins just after this point. The PWA can be installed on a target device in just a few steps. With the right architecture, it is finally possible to make the application work completely offline. This requires the data that the components of your application need to be stored locally and kept in sync with the server.

In addition to these aspects, the browser provides numerous other interfaces that bring the application closer to native apps. In this presentation, we will take a look at the steps that make an ordinary browser application a fully-fledged PWA.


ReactSebastian Springer is a JavaScript developer at MaibornWolff in Munich and is mainly concerned with the architecture of client-side and server-side JavaScript. He is a JavaScript consultant and lecturer and regularly conveys his knowledge at national and international conferences.

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