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Natali Vlatko
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Looking for a quick programming humour pick-me-up? We embarked on our own little mission to find some of the funnier corners of the web outside of the mainstream portals. Warning: Laughter may ensue.

While Reddit and Imgur provide almost endless amounts of stories/gifs/useless shit for your reading and viewing pleasure, we thought we’d try and explore some other sources of programming humour.

The following finds may be old news to some, but all have that distinct developer flavour. We hope you enjoy trawling them just as much as we enjoyed the research!

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Commit Logs From Last Night – “Because real hackers pivot two hours before their demo”. Most developers will nod knowingly in recognition of the pure frustration this list of commits shows the world, with links to GitHub included. Feeling all the feels, here:

The Coding Love – “Epic gifs for developers”. An old yet firm favourite. Expressing worldwide programmer grievances and victories via the timeless .GIF artform. If you can ignore the shitload of ads, you’ll be checking it out almost daily:

  • How clients explain bugs
  • When I finally get a second monitor
  • The production server receiving a new and completely untested feature
  • When I have to test my own code
  • Coding in VBA

Freelance Freedom – “Depicting the life of one man’s journey to make a living as a freelancer”. N.C. Winters is able to illustrate some of the nuances of freelance life, which are translatable across a variety of disciplines. Get a load of this:

DevOps Reactions – “Say it with pictures. Describe your feelings about your everyday sysadmin interactions”. Another gif-heavy site, this time via the wonderful world of Tumblr. Am I the only one not getting sick of these yet?

MongoDB is web scale – “Made by gar1t using text-to-speech engine”. An older source of funny, this video has been described as ‘5 minutes of pure unadulterated joy for any software engineer’. Other episodes also exist, with a transcript of the original available here. Language warning!

Natali Vlatko
An Australian who calls Berlin home, via a two year love affair with Singapore. Natali was an Editorial Assistant for (S&S Media Group).

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