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PrimeFaces 3.1 released

Chris Mayer

Right on schedule, Prime Teknoloji have announced that PrimeFaces 3.1 is now generally available, bringing enhancements in abundance. Only marginal changes have been made since last week’s release candidate, but given the magnitude of that package, they can be forgiven.

Over 90+ improvements have been made in this version of the Java Server Faces component library, adding in seven new components (OverlayPanelPanelGridPhotoCamSelectCheckboxMenuSelectOneButton, SelectManyButton and SelectBooleanButton), all detailed excellently on the PrimeFaces blog. In a nutshell, each one adds much more customisation for PrimeFaces users. 

The PhotoCam component was a popular request from the community. The component allows the user to take photos with a webcam and pass the image to the JSF backing beans, with Flash, Canvas and Javascript implementation. The screencast below (with slightly dodgy music) shows it already in use by one avid PrimeFaces user.

There is, of course, the usual maintenance work to the features within PrimeFaces to go along with that. PrimeFaces has more than 100 JSF modules at its disposal and additional features such as JSF debugging, Themes, HTML 5 support and the ease of development with Optimus (and Google Guice). 

The next planned release, 3.2 is expected in mid-March which will introduce some new components, new DataTable features plus the implementation of the community’s most wanted features. The full changes in this release have been provided in the recent changelog. If you’re a newcomer, the Documentation will guide you through getting the best from the library. For now, the team say they’ll ‘keep on rocking’ and we can’t blame them for doing so.

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