Predictions For SAP In 2010


Bernard Escherich, an SAP strategic solution architect for healthcare, defence and public security and higher education, outlined his predictions for opportunities for SAP experts in 2010, in his Community Network blog.  He predicted increasing demand for SAP HR experts in the public sector, as well as an increasing number of new SAP projects in the areas of defence forces and public security (DRPS.) He drew the conclusion that since DFPS integrates all ERP areas, former experience in SAP projects will provide strong foundations for any logistic experts or consultants looking to move into this area.

Not all his readers agreed with him, one commenting that: “I think the most overlooked ‘hot’ SAP skill in 2010 (or later) will be the system performance analyst. As the systems are getting bigger and bigger, I think performance problems will be increasing drastically. Also system sizing will be in demand.” The poster concluded that “the problem in this sector is that you can only focus on one platform…..because you need deep knowledge in every part to find and fix some issues if the problems are contiguous.”

Meanwhile, Dice listed SAP as one of its ‘Hot Skills For 2010.’ Again, this drew mixed reactions, with one poster dismissed SAP assignments as typically “short.”

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