Eclipse Project Proposal

Potomac Framework Proposed as New Eclipse ‘Flex Modularity’ Project

Jessica Thornsby

New project proposal to bring a modular framework and OSGi-like capabilities to Flex development.

ElementRiver have submitted the Potomac Framework for Flex as a new Eclipse project, where it will exist under the banner of ‘The Flex Modularity Project.’

The Potomac framework was originally inspired by the Eclipse RCP and OSGi, and sought to solve the problems of modular applications.

The project aims to bring OSGi-like capabilities to Flex, implement a modular framework for enterprise Flex development, provide an extensibility mechanism, and provides tooling that allows Adobe’s Flash Builder 4 to support Potomac bundle development. The project will provide asynchronous and ‘bundle-aware’ dependency injection, and also plans to enable Potomac Flex component hosting within e4 applications, at some point in the future. Potomac will consist of Flex and Actionscript code, and will not have any server-side requirements or dependencies.

Potomac will work by providing bundles that contain the classes and code, but also the metadata for understanding module dependencies, extensions and extension points.

ElementRiver will contribute the initial code from the existing Potomac framework, and Adobe has agreed to provide each Potomac committer with a free license for Flash Builder 4.

The release of Potomac version 1.0 is currently scheduled for September, 2010.

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