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Polyaxon: Accessible machine learning for the enterprise

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Looking to deploy and monitor large-scale deep learning applications for the enterprise? Polyaxon makes it easier to manage workloads for teams without losing control of your data.

Deep learning might be one of the hottest topics in software development right now. Is your organization ready? With Polyaxon, managing large scale applications for deep learning and machine learning is easier than ever.

Whether you’re looking for full control of your data and cluster or simplifying resource management, Polyaxon makes it easier than ever to enable collaboration and stay independent while deploying deep learning applications.

Polyaxon allows organizations to build, train, and monitor scalable apps for deep learning with its open source platform. It comes with a built-in set of tools and proven algorithms to let developers start innovating right out of the box.

In keeping with the open source theme, Polyaxon is platform-agnostic with absolutely no lock-in. If you’ve already invested time and energy into deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow, MXNet, Caffe, Torch, and others, don’t worry: Polyaxon supports all the major machine learning frameworks.

Here’s a helpful breakdown of all the functions and features that this machine learning platform takes care of:


Image via Polyaxon.

Polyaxon is built on Kubernetes to take advantage of container technologies to abstract away any dependencies required for experimentation. This makes any models reproducible, scalable, and portable. Plus, Kubernetes helps manage the resources of your cluster. The built-in versioning system makes it easy for teams to keep track of code, data, and experiments.

Security-wise, developers keep full ownership and the data is maintained either on premise or in the cloud. This access can be granted via the Polyaxon CLI, dashboard, or a specific SDK that targets the Polyaxon API. Data can be deployed into any data center, cloud providers, or even be managed by Polyaxon.

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Get Polyaxon

Interested in trying out this platform for deep learning? More information about Polyaxon can be found here. Developers will need to have installed Kubernetes in order to take advantage of Polyaxon; the full installation guide can be found here.

Polyaxon can also be found on GitHub here. This is an open project, so community help and support is welcome and wanted.

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Aanchal Iyer
Aanchal Iyer
3 years ago

Great read, with companies beginning to expand and trying out new technologies, polyaxon with its open source platform for deep learning will definitely help the organisation in the long run as it will increase productivity and efficiency of work.