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Poll: Should Java EE be developed independently from Oracle?

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The discussion about the current state of Java EE continues. We’ve asked some Java EE Guardians to comment on the future of Java EE and whether the community should take over the reigns. Now it’s time to ask you the following question: Should Java EE be developed independently from Oracle?

Java EE — with or without Oracle?

Java Champion Adam Bien recently told that from his perspective, “Oracle could withdraw from Java EE completely.” Meanwhile, Java EE Guardian Peter Pilgrim opined that “Java EE cannot be run exclusively by the community,” so it would be best if Oracle abdicated some of its responsibility and allowed other businesses (such as Red Hat or IBM) to take over. Josh Juneau, Java EE Guardian and Application Developer/System Analyst at Fermilab, believes that “it could be months or years before Oracle is ready to focus on Java EE once again.” 


We’d like to hear what you think about Java EE’s current state and future. Your opinion matters!

Should Java EE be developed independently from Oracle?

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If you’d like to give a more complex answer or none of these answers reflects your opinion, please share your viewpoint in the comments section. We look forward to your feedback! 

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