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Policy Manager 6.0

Jessica Thornsby

SOA Software have released Policy Manager 6.0.

Policy Manager aims to provide the foundation for a successful transition to an Enterprise Cloud Operating Model, and to provide a measured level of control over distributed, heterogeneous systems and platforms.

New for version 6.0 is a security federation solution, which includes a security token server for token exchange and authentication, and an authorisation server for distributed SOA and Cloud services. There is also a built-in Certificate Authority and Public Key Infrastructure solution.

Version 6.0 also introduces a Heterogeneous Policy Management which provides customers with an administration system for authoring, managing and distributing platform-agonistic policies.

Policy Manager is now based on the OSGi specification. Please see the Press Release for more information.

Policy Manager 6.0 will be available in the second quarter of 2010. Licenses will start at $50k.


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