Polarsys Interview Series – Thales’ Benoit Langlois talks about the Eclipse IWG

Chris Mayer

With the IWG revealing their blog for activity this week, we talk to some of the key members behind the group for long-term safety-critical software tool chains. Benoit Langlois discusses Thales’s input

What were the reasons for Thales to join the Polarsys Industry Working Group?

Eclipse is becoming more and more a platform of reference for software development. The interest of the Polarsys IWG (Industry Working Group) is to define, with key actors from industry, tool vendors, and academics, a common, integrated and sustainable technological platform for software-critical systems, which meets the industry’s needs

Companies, such as Thales, can enrich this platform with their own components and support their specific engineering processes, for instance for system engineering. Under the umbrella of Eclipse, Polarsys has an international visibility and the critical mass for a large audience.

Why is it important for a company like Thales to rely on tool chains which offer long term support?

Critical projects usually use up-to-date technology when they start, but over the years, they need to upgrade their software foundation and operational solutions without risks and costs. In order to face software component obsolescence, very long term support enables us to manage and master coherent baselines and releases, while technology evolves.

How do you intend to participate in the working group? 

Polarsys is a real opportunity to provide a software platform of quality relevant for industry. Thales’s contribution in Polarsys is identified at several levels. First, Thales will be part of the steering committee, architecture and change control boards to ensure that Polarsys is actually driven by industrial needs. Moreover, Thales will provide necessary and valuable components when required, but not yet provided by Eclipse and the Polarsys platform.

What tool chains or open source components do you use?

Eclipse represents a real value for Java and model-based developments. The interest of Polarsys is to federate development of shared components involved all over the software and system engineering lifecycles and to prevent each company from the need to reinvent the wheel.

What will be Thales’ contribution to the eclipse community?

Thales is project lead of the EGF (Eclipse Generation Factories) component under the EMFT project. Henceforth, instead of providing individually new components, Thales is going one step further by providing components which make sense with regard to the technological Polarsys platform.


This article originally appeared in our sister publication Eclipse Magazin in Germany

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