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Pivotal Function Service promises serverless programming on any cloud

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The X-as-a-Service trend continues with Pivotal! The new Pivotal Function Service provides Function-as-a-Service to developers looking for a platform that works on premises or on any cloud they need.

Taking the Function-as-a-Service trend to its logical conclusion, Pivotal has a new open source platform available for developer to use, working on any cloud as an open product.  Pivotal Function Service (PFS for short) offers developers and organizations a united platform to run their entire business.

In particular, PFS aims for flexibility. Currently, big name cloud providers provide the infrastructure your projects require; dialing down when you’re down. This was done as efficiently as possible.

Now, Pivotal takes that approach and applies it available in the cloud across any cloud service. Functions can be run on-premises and in the cloud for maximum flexibility. Additionally, as a part of Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry, the Function Service fits in nicely with their Application Service, Container Service, and Services Marketplace.

Pivotal Function Service

Well, let’s dive right in and see what’s on offer for developers.

  • Pluggable Build System – Features a source-to-container mechanism to make deployment easier. Developers can use components like Cloud Foundry Buildpacks.
  • Pluggable Event Sources – Creates Feeds from external sources like GitHub and other kinds of database services.
  • Pluggable Event Brokers – Connect to message brokers like Kafka, Google Pub/Sub, and RabbitMQ. The event brokers provide a reliable backing service for messaging channels.
  • Pluggable Invokers – PFS carries on with the riff invoker model. This allows developers to deliver both streaming and non-streaming function code using simple language-idiomatic interfaces.

Excitingly, they even offer features that have nothing to do with it being pluggable! PFS scales with events automatically. It runs on Kubernetes and Istio, making these complex technologies easier to use.

Plus, Pivotal Function Service is language agnostic and allows developers to choose their favorite framework. It currently supports Node.js, Spring/Java, Go, Python, and Shell.

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Getting PFS

Want to try out Pivotal Function Service? Sadly, the best is yet to come. PFS will soon be commercially available, supported as part of Pivotal Cloud Foundry. However, you can request early access here.

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