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How to pick the right Java programmer for your project

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Picking a Java programmer is not as easy as it seems when there are many choices available. Here, Chirag Thumar explains his top tips and tricks for finding the right programmer for the right job.

Picking a Java programmer is not as easy as it seems. After all, there are so many options available. But what makes an exceptional programmer different from an average one? This is a difficult question to answer satisfactorily.

How can a company pick the right Java programmer for a project? There are a few simple guidelines that any hiring manager should follow when they are looking for new talent.

Technical experience

Experience and a technical background are two of the main aspects that a hiring manager should look for in a resume. While they are not completely necessary for some projects (after all, we all have to start somewhere), it is helpful to show a level of understanding of an issue and competence in solving specific types of problems.

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Having a bachelor’s or master’s in Computer Science or a related field is a plus, but again, not necessary if the candidate can prove their skills in a satisfactory manner. (Credentialism is a scourge that we all must bear.) Other ways that distinguish candidates can be J2EE or Java certification.

Also, it’s important to check and see what languages a programmer can handle. Polyglotism is nice, but not important. Sometimes a jack of all trades can be a master of none. Now’s the time to make sure your potential candidates are rock solid in your target language.

Prior work experience

Ah, the ever-important section of the resume: Prior Work Experience.

Programmers who have been in the field for some time will have projects on their resume that show off their technical and programming skills. Have they worked on similar issues in the past? It’s important to make sure programmers have the right fit to the project.

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If your projects are on Grails, hire someone with experience in Grails. Keep it simple, silly.

But, sometimes it’s also important to try someone who is willing to reach and learn. Not everyone graduates university with three years of work experience. You may find a diamond in the rough!

Good communication skills

Few people code in a void. It’s extremely unlikely that you will need to hire a programmer who will never have to talk to coworkers or explain things to the Marketing Department. Try to choose a programmer with decent communication skills who can share ideas precisely and easily.

A passion for Java

Not everyone is passionate about their jobs. Sometimes, it’s the thing we do that pays the bills. But, developers are often very passionate about their jobs and their tasks. It’s easier to find someone with a passion for their craft in the tech field.

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Ask your candidates if they have a blog or GitHub page. It’s easier to see how involved they are in the Java community and if they spend their free time coding. Unfortunately, this approach does have some downsides. However, it can be a keen insight into how interested a candidate is in the field.


It’s hard to know for sure what a project will entail at the start. Oftentimes, that is why contracts have terms for flexibility if problems or contingencies arise. Your programmers should be willing and able to roll with these little surprises.


Hiring is something of an art. But if you’re trying to find a Java programmer for your project or team, it should be easier if you follow these simple tips and tricks. Good luck!



Chirag Thumar

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