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Getting started with PHP on AWS Lambda

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In this talk, Thomas Bley introduces AWS Lambda. Find out how to get started, step-by-step, learn what the costs are, how to scale, deploy, and test. By the end, you will know how to get your PHP application running inside of AWS Lambda.

This talk gives you a small introduction into AWS Lambda. You will learn how to get your PHP application running inside Lambda, including scaling, deployment and testing. The talk will also provide the best usage scenarios and explain how to calculate the costs for running the service inside AWS.


PHPThomas Bley is working with PHP and MySQL for 18 years. He studied Bachelor and Master of Science at the TU München with a focus on database systems and software engineering. He worked for multiple companies in the area of e-commerce, online marketing and consulting. Currently, he is working as Senior PHP Developer for Bringmeister at Berlin to create the next generation of e-commerce platforms for the delivery of groceries. Thomas’ main expertise is on scaling and optimizing web infrastructure and databases. Besides meetups and conferences, Thomas likes to play table tennis in Berlin’s bars at night.

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