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Perform CI in the Cloud, with Hudson and CloudBees; and Google Boycott JavaOne

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, new compress Ant library, and Google announce a solution for overflowing inboxes.

First Release for Compress Ant Library

The first release of the compress Ant library is out now.

The compress Ant library 1.0 contains tasks and types, which use Apache Commons Compress to read and write archives such as AR, TAR and ZIP, and compressed files and streams.

Please note that the compress Ant library requires Apache Ant 1.8.0 or later, and Commons Compress 1.1. It is available for download as binary or source release.

Perform CI in the Cloud, with Hudson and CloudBees

CloudBees have announced a beta release of their software as a service (SaaS) for Java developers. This SaaS allows companies to perform CI in the cloud by leveraging the Hudson open source project. CloudBees can hook into a company’s existing source code and Maven repository, or can provide private Git, SVN and Maven repositories.

“When using a CI environment, companies typically face a well known resource issue: you never have enough machines available when you need them. At CloudBees, we leverage the power of the cloud and offer the ability to run as many jobs as you want in parallel,” states the announcement.

CloudBees particularly targets independent software vendors (ISVs) for whom it is not viable to develop their own multi-tenant architecture. The CloudBees SaaS is currently available as a beta program.

Google To Boycott JavaOne

In light of the Oracle/Google lawsuit, Google have announced they are boycotting Oracle’s JavaOne conference.

Google’s Joshua Bloch made the announcement at his blog: “Oracle’s recent lawsuit against Google and open source has made it impossible for us to freely share our thoughts about the future of Java and open source generally. This is a painful realization for us, as we’ve participated in every JavaOne since 2004, and I personally have spoken at all but the first in 1996.”

This train of thought is being mirrored within the community, with Ed Burnette tweeting about a full-blown JavaOne boycott, and Bob Lee deciding to give JavaOne a miss “out of solidarity with Google.”

Maven Gaelyk Integration

Version 0.4.3 of the gaelyk-archetype is out now.

This plugin offers maven-gaelyk integration, and requires Maven to be installed. Version 0.4.3 introduces support for Gaelyk 0.4.3, Groovy 1.7.4 and Google App Engine 1.3.5.

Too Much Mail? Google Have the Solution

Google have released a new ‘Priority Inbox‘ service.

This service attempts to automatically identify the most import emails and separate them from everything else. It uses identifiers such as who you email most frequently, and which messages you open, as oppose to deleting. Users can also manually identify messages as important and non-important, and Priority Inbox will integrate this feedback into its future selections.

Messages are grouped into three sections: ‘Important and unread,’ ‘Starred’ and ‘Everything Else.’ Google are currently rolling out this service.

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