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PerfMon4j 1.0.2.GA With New SQL Scripts

Jessica Thornsby

PerfMon4j version 1.0.2.GA is now available.

PerfMon4j is an API for diagnosing and monitoring application performance on several levels. These include ‘Method’ via declarative programming, and ‘Servlet Request’ level via a Servlet Filter. There is also functionality for enabling the monitoring of web request, client browser information and system health information. It also offers UserAgent Tracking for web-based applications and nested timings.

This release adds a new way to force ThreadTraceMonitoring on a specific thread, based on a HTTPRequest parameter, HTTPSession parameter, HTTPCookie value, thread name or thread property. A SQLAppender has been added for UserAgentData, enabling the user to configure the UserAgent logging to a SQL database. SQL create scripts have also been added for Oracle and PostgreSQL. More information on new features is available at the ReadMe file.


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