PayPal To Launch App Store


PayPal have announced they will open an app store later this year, according to CIO.

This will provide a platform for external developers to offer PayPal related apps and, according to vice president of PayPal’s Platform Business Unit and Emerging Technologies, there are plenty of opportunities for developers to create PayPal-related applications: “It could be an invoicing application for a merchant or a ‘daily deals’ application for consumers,” he said on Tuesday.

The company launched its open payments platform, PayPal X, last year and released its Adaptive Payments APIs shortly after. These included the APIs for allowing currencies to be automatically converted using current exchange rates, and the API for allowing institutions to let their customers transfer money when logged into their bank accounts.

The planned application store seems to be the logical next step in opening the PayPal platform to developers, in an effort to further extend their reach and customer base.