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Paul Sandoz Leaves Oracle for CloudBees

Jessica Thornsby

EGit and JGit 0.11 released, and new Bndtools Runtime Controller project launched.

Apache Myfaces 2.0.4 – Now Maven 3 Compatible

Version 2.0.4 of Apache Myfaces has been released. This update improves the handling of AJAX response if source element is deleted, and makes Myfaces compatible with Maven 3. There is also a list of bug fixes, available at the Release Notes.

Seam Framework 3.0.0.Beta2 Released

Version 3.0.0.Beta2 of the Seam framework has been released. Modules bundled in this release include Seam Rest 3.0.0.Beta1, Seam Servlet 3.0.0.Beta2 and Seam Wicket 3.0.0.Beta1. The next release is CR1, which is currently scheduled for the end of February and will feature consolidated API documentation and include examples in the distribution.

Paul Sandoz Leaves Oracle for CloudBees

Paul Sandoz has left Oracle for CloudBees, following a 13 year long career with Sun/Oracle. Sandoz has previously led the development of the Jersey Reference Implementation of JAX-RS. At CloudBees, he will focus on Jenkins, Nectar and [email protected], which allows users to develop and build software in the cloud using Jenkins as a service. General availability of the CloudBees platform was announced in January.

“CloudBees has a very compelling vision to push the full development-to-production cycle (build, test, deploy) into the cloud,” says Sandoz, on the move.

New Bndtools Runtime Controller Project

Neil Bartlett has launched a new Bndtools Runtime Controller project, which creates a control channel for inspecting and manipulating an OSGi runtime. The OSGi bundle is independent from both Bndtools and Eclipse, and can be used in a standalone OSGi runtime. The default mode uses an embedded HTTP server based on the NanoHTTPD embeddable HTTP server. Bndtools Runtime Controller can run on Java version 1.4 or higher and OSGi R4.0 or higher.

EGit and JGit 0.11 Released

Ahead of Helios SR2, EGit and JGit 0.11 have been released. The JGit release adds three new Git porcelain commands, and implements the merging of Git notes. Support for system-wide git configuration has also been added. Meanwhile, EGit 0.11 adds new actions that allow users to directly push to and fetch from the remote stored in the upstream configuration of the currently checked out branch.

Simplified Fetch and Push Wizards have also been implemented, with a focus on aligning EGit’s behaviour with fetch and push in c git.

Google Plugin for Eclipse and GWT 2.2 Released

Google Plugin for Eclipse and GWT 2.2 have been released. Google Plugin for Eclipse 2.2 directly integrates with the GWT Designer Ajax user interface designer, and GWT 2.2 supports HTML5-specific features, including the Canvas element, which allows for rendering of 2D shapes and bitmap images. Please note that GWT 2.2 only has deprecated support for Java 1.5, which could result in warnings when building applications. Developers are encouraged to upgrade their version of Java in order to correct these warnings.

Hudson To Move To GitHub

It seems that Hudson will move to GitHub after all. Following a vote, Jason Van Zyl has tweeted that Hudson will make the move. The Hudson github has been freed up by the Jenkins name-change.

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