Nimble Distribution

Paremus and Makewave Launch Distribution to Accelerate OSGi Adoption

Jessica Thornsby

Nimble Distribution Starter Pack – free to download now!

OSGi-based cloud company Paremus and Makewave have announced a partnership to provide a fully supported software distribution, in an effort to accelerate OSGi adoption. Their ‘Nimble Distribution‘ product will comprise of:

  • Paremus OSGi Shell – an interactive shell and scripting environment for OSGi.
  • Nimble Resolver – OBR dependency resolver and provisioner.
  • Remote Services and Remote Services Admin – an implementation of the OSGi Alliance’s specs by Paremus. It will include synchronous / asynchronous distribution providers and pluggable discovery.
  • Makewave Knopflerfish Pro Enterprise – an implementation of the OSGi R4 V4.2 service platform spec.
  • Alternative OSGi service platforms – Apache Felix and Equinox.

The Nimble Distribution Starter Pack is available as a free download, and can be used on up to 5 machines. Standard and Premium packages include access to the Paremus commercial OBR repository, and Premium customers can access the source code.


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